What Is A Seedling?

A seedling is a young baby plant that has just developed out of a plant embryo from a seed. All seedling development starts from the germination of the seed. A typical seedling consists of 3 main parts:


  • Cotyles = embryonic leaves 

  • Hypocotyl = embryonic shoot

  • Radicle = embryonic root


Seeds require to stay moisturised during germination but not too wet. Too much water could end up drowning the seed. In the early stage of most seedling, it is recommended to not put them under direct sunlight, because too much heat can be harmful to them. They do however require roughly 14-16 hours of light a day. Therefore, many people like to use artificial grow lights for their seedlings to give them the full amount of energy they need to grow without potentially putting them in danger of the heat. 


There is something really magical about seeing seedlings mature. Try growing your own plant today to feel the joy of nature.


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