Turtles In Aquaponics

Turtles in aquaponics are not very common but surprising, there are a lot of potential advantages. For example: ⁠

1. Turtles are hardier and much more resilient than fishes.⁠

2. They produce more waste resulting in more nutrients for plants.⁠

3. Turtles have varied diets making them easy to feed.⁠

4. Pet turtles are great companions and deserve the best living environment.⁠

5. A good aquaponic system can provide fresh clean water for turtles.⁠

Please note: although there hasn’t been any study suggesting that the salmonella disease some turtles carry can affect the food grown in aquaponics; extra care should always be taken with turtle aquaponics. For example:⁠

1. Monitor the water and filter condition.⁠

2. Prevent splashing onto the vegetables.⁠

3. Wash vegetables well before eating.⁠

4. If growing edible plants, choose ones that require cooking.⁠

5. Grow plants that are not for consuming like flowers.


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