Organic Flowers

The key purpose or organic horticulture is to keep the environment safe from pollution by not using any harmful pesticides and petroleum fertilizers that can make their way into our nature. Studies have shown that some non-organically grown flowers can contain banned chemicals and up to 50 times the amount of pesticides that are legally allowed! 


Therefore, organically grown flowers are beautiful inside out. Some reasons to buy organic:


  • Organic horticulture is good for the environment and the most responsible way of preserving the environment for our future generations.

  • Organic flowers tend to last longer than their non-organic counterparts 

  • When you buy nice flowers for someone, you want to make sure they don’t get exposed to harmful chemicals from your beautiful gift.  

  • When you buy organic, you’re helping to support local organic farming communities and organizations which often have charitable, philanthropic motives for selling flowers. 

  • Whenever you buy organic, you add to the growing demand for organic flowers. With more people knowing the ill effects of non-organic farming, farmers will have more reasons to move into organic farming. 



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