Ladybirds (Coccinellidae Beetle)

Ladybirds are not just beautiful insects; they are your best helpers in gardens and farms. They eat pests like Aphids so there is no need to use any toxic insecticides.

Unlike chemical control which requires to be used at a large volume when the population of the pest grows; the beauty about biological control is their ability to grow with the pest therefore as long as the conditions are right, they can always outlast them. When all the pests are eliminated; the beneficial insects like our lovely ladybird will automatically move on to find other pests.

So how do you attract ladybugs to your garden? Well, fortunately, it’s quite straight forward.

  1. Feed them what they love! Grow plants that produce pollen ladybugs, love. For example Angelica, Calendula, Dill, Chives and Fennel etc
  2. Keeps other bugs around even pests. Ladybug will likely move on if they miss out on their main dishes. For example grow plants that aphids love like early cabbage, marigold, nasturtium and radish.
  3. Give them good shelter to protect them from their predators. Low, rambling plants like oregano or thyme work well. Mulch or leaves can also do the job.
  4. Water them well. Like any other creature, ladybugs need water. If you don’t water your garden daily, then shallow bowls of water can keep them hydrated.
  5. Never use pesticides! We all know pesticides and insecticides are bad especially how they kill even your beneficial insects.


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