Five Facts About Organic Fertilizers

1. Variety of natural materials can be found in organic fertilisers such as worm castings, seaweed, guano, manure, composite and blood meal.


2. Organic fertilisers stop erosion by helping the soil maintain its proper form. Unlike synthetic fertilizers, natural fertilizers can lock in nutrients so your soil can retain its structure; allowing gardeners to use less because of its long-lasting effect.


3. Petroleum-based fertilisers used by big agricultural companies will release a burst of nitrogen when it is first introduced but is only effective in the primary cycle and cannot promote steady growth. Organic fertilisers on the other hand release nitrogen much slower, providing a much more sustainable steady growth for plants.


4. Organic fertilisers can save water! This is because natural fertilisers keep moisture retained in soil hence less water can be used.


5. Overall, organic fertiliser provides much better efficiency than synthetic fertilisers therefore when used smartly, they can help save both money and the environment.



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