We all know earthworms are highly beneficial for gardens, but did you know they are good for aquaponics ebb and flow grow beds too? 


Worms feed on small decomposing organic particles; breaking down the faecal bits, dead roots and other material which as a result prevents them from blocking the bed.


Particles that are broken down have a greater surface area relative to their volume, facilitating further breakdown by heterotrophic bacteria.


The vermicompost released by the worms mineralises the nutrients in the wastes, freeing it up as excellent plant feed readily available for uptake.


Vermicompost contains an assortment of goodies that suppresses bacteria and other infectious agents which can reduce the potential of negative impacts by the organisms on the plants.


Worms require oxygen to prevent them from drowning. The ebb and flow cycle within a grow bed creates high and low tides to ensure the bed remain damp and well oxygenated. This makes it the perfect environment for both worms and plants to thrive.


The best worms for aquaponics are not the grey worms found in your garden but rather the bright red composting worms available online or from your local nursery.


Earthworms require organic particles as their feed. We recommend not to introduce them to a new aquaponics system. Your system will be ready for worms when solids become visible where the water enters the grow bed.



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