Best Water Temperature For Plants

Just like us, different plants have their ideal water temperatures. So, it is hard to say one temperature can best fit all. However, temperatures between 16 °C to 22 °C (61 °F to 72 °F) is usually a safe bet. 


It is clear though, any extreme temperature for plants either cold or hot is bad news. Hot water can cause dangerous root damage or force the plant into shock. At the worst case, you can end up half cooking your plant.


Coldwater, on the other hand, can send your plant into winter mode. Similar to animal hibernation, the plant won’t die but either stop growing or stop blooming. In general, it is better to keep cold water away from flowering plants. For example, Orchids that are grown in temperature-controlled homes can be sensitive to temperature fluctuation. 


Without needing to test your water temperature every time, it is usually the best to go for room temperature.



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