The barramundi or Asian sea bass is a freshwater fish widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific region from South Asia to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia. Barramundis are warm-water fish with specific requirements making them at times, hard to look after. They prefer water temperatures above 26°C, adding cost to their tank heating especially during winter times.  It is recommended that if you live in a tropic area like Queensland Australia, then Barramundi could be the way to go.


Surprisingly, the real difficulty is their carnivorous nature when small. They tend to like taking bites out of their brothers and sisters. Hence, we strongly advise buying them when they are at least 7.5cm - 10cm (3 or 4 inches) long. This way you can greatly reduce their mortality rate and won’t need to grade them into uniform sizes. Especially when you're operating a commercial aquaponics farm.


Despite their challenges, barramundi remains one of the most popular freshwater fishes on the market due to their great taste. When looked after well in aquaponics, they will thrive alongside the plants. Making them one of the better choices for large scale aquaponic systems.



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